What Causes the Gray Tint on Garments in Solvent Dry Cleaning?

In theĀ  April 2011 of American Drycleaner there is an article called Removing The Stains You Make. This article teaches dry cleaners how to remove the gray tint along with the gray and black circles they caused. These gray and black hues on your white garments are caused by the dirty dry cleaning solvents. This is an inherent problem of using a solvent due to the fact that the solvent can not be disposed of after each use. The only way to purify the solvent is to distill it. Depending on how often a dry cleaner distills their solvent will determine the quality of cleaning you receive. In today recessionary environment many solvent dry cleaners are cutting cost by not properly maintaining the quality of their solvent. Even with constant distillation there is always a small percentage of solvent circulating in the machine that is difficult to remove.

This is one of the many advantages of the Certified Green Dry Clean (Wet Clean) system. This green dry clean system uses water as the base for its cleaning solution thus all of the solution is disposed of down the drain when the cleaning cycle is done.

Click on the link above to read further insight of how your garments become dingy and what the process involved to rectify the problem.

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