Why do my clothes fade while in the closet?

Often when you pull a garment out of the closet that you have not worn in a while you will notice a layer of dust on the shoulder or across the top of your trousers. That dust along with gases in the air and light is slowly damaging your clothes, not to mention moths and silverfish. Your can read about these lovely critters in my blog Storing Clothes.

Airborne gases in the atmosphere and light from the Sun or even a light bulb causes fading of dyes on your garments or any textile for that matter as well as weakening the material. That includes your carpet, rugs and furniture like couches and chairs. Fading from airborne gases is referred to as Fume fading within the textile industry and fading from light is referred to as fading from light within the industry, unfortunately sunscreen will not help block the sun light in this case.

Every older garment you own will have some degree of fume and/or light fading regardless of the material. Often the material under the collar, inside of the seam, or under the arm will be a different color than the surface areas such as the front, back or shoulders. You can not control or eliminate these types of gases and light but you can do preventive measures to reduce the damage it causes. Keeping direct or indirect light out of your storage area such as your closet or basement will help immensely. What will also help with airborne gases and light is keeping the paper garment cover on the garment when not in use. These garment covers are the paper covers that are on the top your clothes when you pick it up from your higher end dry cleaner. More often than not I see people rip those covers off like it has H1N1 swine flew on them. Keeping the clothes in a breathable garment bag also helps to protect the clothes when not in use.

Care for your fine garments properly and they will provide you with years of stylish joy.

Karl Huie

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