What Makes Pacific Heights Cleaners Different Than Other Dry Cleaners.

What Makes Pacific Heights Cleaners Different Than Other Dry Cleaners.


What Makes Us Different:

To put this into context, there are more dry cleaners than Starbucks, so why make the effort to come use us.


Years ago we made a huge commitment to preserve our environment without sacrificing our commitment to service, quality, and values. We started with our version of recycling, we reused products, long before the cities and counties had recycling programs. Approximately 15 years ago we offered reusable garment bags to replace plastic bags, we failed terribly, we were just a few years ahead of our time.

Miele Drum

Our latest venture is to dry clean without the use of solvents (hazardous or not). Our specially designed computer controlled machines allow us delicately clean everything from your haute couture garments to everyday sportswear. This has earned us recognition from government agencies to the news media to dry cleaners around the world.

wool material

Since most dirt and stains are water soluble, this non toxic Wet Clean process leaves the garments cleaner, softer, and brighter than solvent dry cleaning. Unlike solvent (Percholoroethylene or PERC, Greenearth, Rynex, Hydrocarbon, DF2000) dry cleaning, there is no distillation, therefore, no redeposition (greying or yellowing of light color garments). A new batch of cleaning solution is made for each load and disposed of down the drain, eliminating the need for toxic waste handlers to remove the old solvent.

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To further increase our quality, we have revamped our pressing machines to computer controlled finishing units. These unit provide the care required from fine designer garments. Simply put, in lieu of pressing we blow the garments with steam and air to eliminate the wrinkles. This process creates a much livelier, softer looking material, all the while being gentler on the fabric.

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Have you ever noticed the pleats, ruffles, or seams on your garments that had the HECK smashed out of them and showing through to the surface of the material. Pressing the garments smashes the material smooth, that’s great if you have a flat piece of fabric like a sheet, but garments have shape and style to them. Our new finishing units allow us to gently steam out wrinkles to let the garment hang naturally, hence why you pay extra for fine designer garments.

ZBC dipsea hike

Zero Breast Cancer Dipsea Hike/Run Fundraiser.

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Sausalito Floating Home Tour.


We support our community events because without our community support we could not survive. We also support our industry by educating and training other dry cleaners in the Wet Clean system because the hazards of the dry cleaning solvents effect everyone’s health and our environment.


We all know that not all coffee houses provide the same quality of coffee, and not all dry cleaners provide the same quality, knowledge, expertise, and value. Without compromise, we take the time to care for your garments to provide you with the cleanest most beautiful result possible.


Pacific Heights Cleaners is your non toxic alternative to solvent dry cleaning, making a difference in our little corner of the world.


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