What to Use: Paper, Plastic, or Reusable Bags?

Over my lifetime we have gone from using paper bags, to plastic bags, back to paper bags, to reusable bags. But what is really the most environmentally friendly way to carry your groceries and dry cleaning home?

Let’s start with exposing some of the misinformation:

The United Kingdom Environment Agency published a life cycle assessment of plastic vs. paper vs. reusable bags. “The study confirms that reusable bags are not inherently better for the environment than plastic bags. Reusable bags have to be used a tremendous number of times to provide an environmental benefit to conventional plastic carryout bags. The reality is that huge numbers of reusable bags are being thrown away before they are used the requisite amount of times.”

My belief is of the same as my grandparents (of a poor 3rd world country). Whichever type of bag you choose to use, use it, then use it again, after that, use it some more, and when you’re done using it, use it again until you can’t use it any more, then use it as a garbage bag one last time. Or even better, don’t use a bag whenever possible. I often just carryout larger items solely (who needs a bag) and put small items into my pockets. Why does this attract strange looks from the clerk and other patrons? It’s how my ancestors did it for thousands of years!


Karl Huie

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